Chief Operations Officer

1-10 employees
Posted - Accepting applications

At Ummah Finance we are building a platform of ethical financial services products for retail customers.

Our COO will be an active member of our Senior Managment Team and responsible for the efficient operation of the business.

The COO will be expected to have a good working knowledge of what the different divisions in the business are working on, and to be the bridge between the various groups to ensure that we are all aligned on the priorities for the business and that there is cohesion across the different groups.

As a FinTech business, we have a wide range of business groups, and the COO will be expected to grasp the details, challenges, and objectives of the different parts of the business. We will expect the COO to be able to get their hands dirty with the details as required, but also to be able to provide a comprehensive overview for the rest of the Senior Management Team as to the workings between the groups so that better decisions can be made at the Senior Management level.

The COO will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business.


In addition to the role of coordinating the groups within the business, the COO will have direct responsibility for a number of teams within the business, including the following:

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Customer Operations
  • Service/Project Management
  • IT Operations/WorkTech
  • Business Intelligence
  • and any other teams as required by the business

These teams will report directly to the COO.

The COO will be part of the Senior Management Team (SMT) within the business; and will report directly to the Founders.

In his/her role as COO, you will be expected to gain a deep understanding of the vision for the business, and the near-term and long-term goals for the business to successfully execute this vision.


Working at Ummah Finance is not like most other companies - and certainly not like other finance companies! We have a range of perks which make us different, and some of these include:*

  • All staff have the opportunity to be granted stock options in the company;
  • A relaxed open-plan working environment;*
  • Regular team-building afternoons (recently we've done a pizza-making afternoon, had a ping-pong tournament - and next up is graffiti lessons!);

and, of course:

  • Real potential for career advancement in a fast moving market leading organisation.

Please note: We will be offering a Salary once our investment round has been completed.